Where? What? When?

Critical Notice: All future activities at The Place of Grace will be suspended temporarily until further notice due to the President’s National Emergency Declaration and  the Governor of  Maryland Emergency Declaration of Coronavirus Mitigation. Arrangements are in the process of being made to broadcast Sunday Services via YOUTUBE. Please subscribe to Pastor David Franklin on YOUTUBE if you have not already done so. There is a link on our Homepage to YOUTUBE.
Queen Esther: 2020; Bus trip to Sight and Sound Theater, Lancaster, Pa. 300 Hartman Ridge Rd. Ronks, PA 17572. Future dates to be determined.

Young Ladies “More Than Meets The Eye”

The Place of Grace

Young ladies meet every other Saturday of the month and is led by Pastor Althea Franklin. Activities and studies are relevant and exciting. Identity and building a foundation in Christ is essential in providing for an abundant life filled with healthy relationships. God’s Grace, Unconditional Love and Faith Righteousness are always a component of what is being taught.

Adult Bible Study

On  Wednesday’s at 7 pm to dates to be announced.

The Place of Grace interested members come together to further build on God’s Grace, Unconditional Love,  Faith Righteousness, Justification/Condemnation, Forgiving, Serving, Holy Spirit, Like-Mindedness

and its relevant applications. There is always exciting sharing, learning and relationship building. The current bible study in will have a primary focus on applying this these many doctrines and actions to our lives.

Monthly Youth Adult Service

Every month our young adults, 40 years of age and under are responsible for ministering at The Place of Grace. They perform the entire service from giving the message, to Praise and Worship, to video production and every other aspect of the service. It is import that we give our young adults an opportunity to share the Good News of the Gospel. They will be critical for carrying forth the message in this generation and beyond. They share the Gospel from their perspective and have their unique way of ministry. This service provides them with a needed opportunity to show how The Place of Grace has invested in the lives of young people as well as providing them a platform to share their hearts to the Body of Christ. It is also an opportunity to provide outreach to other young adults in their community to come to receive the Good News of Salvation, to reaffirm their identity in Christ, to begin a more focused relationship with their Savior and to provide a safe place for new young families to fellowship. Our young adult services are always energetic, filled with life, inspiring and loving. Don’t miss it you will be blessed.

The Place of Grace – ZOOM/YOUTUBE

The Place of Grace will be utilizing technology to reach it’s member’s, the lost, the curious and many who may not be able to make it to Sunday services or Bible Study. They will be able to see activity from The Place of Grace by subscribing to YOUTUBE and joining THE PLACE OF GRACE by searching for “Pastor David Franklin or Pastor Althea Franklin. You can then subscribe to the YouTube channel. The live streaming videos will  be primarily accessible through “YouTube”.  We are excited about utilizing this available technology to keep present members in touch and to reach many other believer’s and potential believer’s as well. Please first establish your own YOUTUBE or Google account.
New for 2017 THE PLACE OF GRACE will be utilizing the video platform ZOOM VIDEO, https://zoom.us  to broadcast live to its members who cannot always make it to Bible Study for some reason and wish to join us. This will be for members of The Place of Grace only. Members of The Place of Grace must provide their personal e-mail address in order to be invited to join the Bible Study or other event. Non-Members of The Place of Grace will need special permission to participate or view the event. [contact can be made through The Place of Grace contact e-mail address office@theplaceofgrace.org. The request will be further evaluated for permission to participate] Members can go to the ZOOM website homepage and download the Zoom software or when the invitations are generated to those who participate, the ZOOM  software link will be carried within the invitation for members to download.