Where? What? When?

Critical Notice: The Place of Grace is open for in-person service. Wearing masks and social distancing is a personal decision for you to make given any vaccination status, previous exposure to COVID, age and consultation with your physician if you desire to attend. We ask that you be respectful of a person’s decision and health status to personally chose and manage their circumstances as we all transition through these difficult and personal moments. Please remember it is Gods desire that His body worship together to experience the joy, strength, love, encouragement, praise and supernatural power as the Day draws near, [Hebrews 10:25]. His body is always “BETTER TOGETHER” that separated. On-line viewing is still being provided. Please subscribe to Pastor David Franklin on YOUTUBE if you have not already done so. There is a link on our Homepage to YOUTUBE.

Prayer Meeting/Adult Bible Study

On Wednesday’s at 7 pm prayer and Bible Study is being held via ZOOM where

The Place of Grace interested members come together to further build on God’s Grace, Unconditional Love, prayer,  Faith Righteousness, Justification/Condemnation, baptism, the church, discipleship, Forgiving, Serving, Holy Spirit, Like-Mindedness and its relevant applications. There is always exciting sharing, learning and relationship building. The current prayer meeting/bible study will have a primary focus on applying these many doctrines and actions to apply to our lives. As a member of The Place of Grace if you desire to join you must request and provide your e-mail address to be included so that you can be automatically notified and provided with the necessary password and ID to join ZOOM.


The Place of Grace – YOUTUBE

The Place of Grace will be utilizing technology to reach it’s member’s, the lost, the curious and many who may not be able to make it to Sunday services or Bible Study. They will be able to see activity from The Place of Grace by subscribing to YOUTUBE and joining THE PLACE OF GRACE by searching for “Pastor David Franklin or Pastor Althea Franklin. You can then subscribe to the YouTube channel. The live streaming videos will  be primarily accessible through “YouTube”.  We are excited about utilizing this available technology to keep present members in touch and to reach many other believer’s and potential believer’s as well. Please first establish your own YOUTUBE or Google account.
Note: Non-Members or invited guests of The Place of Grace will need special permission to participate or view the ZOOM event. [contact can be made through The Place of Grace contact e-mail address office@theplaceofgrace.org. The request will be further evaluated for permission to participate] The Place of Grace Members can go to the ZOOM website homepage and download the Zoom software or when the invitations are generated to those who participate, the ZOOM  software link will be carried within the invitation for members to download.